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Claridge Naturopathics was founded in 1983 with the goal to give people power, choice and education about their healthcare. Each of our team members comes to work every day with the drive to better the lives of their clients. Just like you, we are regular people with work pressures, family pressures and all of the urgencies of the 21st century. This understanding enables us to be realistic and empathetic when it comes to designing your individual treatment plan. Furthermore, we are clear that if we show integrity and respect with all of our interactions with you, we have the best chance of delivering the results you deserve.


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness. This model is based on the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself and endeavours to prevent (and correct) disease and dysfunction without the use of drugs or surgery. Instead it uses evidence based Natural Therapies, including herbs, micronutrients and homoeopathy. It also incorporates lifestyle education, such as diet, exercise and stress management, to help people take control of their health and happiness. Our ultimate goal is to have you living a life with a clear understanding of how to stay well, without the need for ongoing medication.


Nutrition can be broken up into two categories: Macro and Micro. Macro nutrients are the caloric components of our foods; generally, known as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Micro nutrients are the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals and antioxidants that are essential for nutritional health. Naturopaths and Holistic Nutritionists are the only practitioners who are tertiary trained in diagnosis and treatment protocols involving both macro and micro nutrition. Therefore, we can help you understand whether diet change, and/or supplementation, is the best strategy for you. Additionally, our qualifications in this area allow us to access, and prescribe, stronger and higher quality forms of micro nutrients. These amazing products help us to ensure you achieve your health goals quicker and more effectively.


The main premise of Holistic Care is that ‘one size does not fit all’. It requires your practitioner to analyse ALL elements of your lifestyle before creating a treatment plan. With this in mind, along with our focus on improving your psycho-physiological function, we are focused on habit change. Using our unique S.M.I.L.E. strategy, and Health Audit process, we factor in: environmental, dietary, activity, social, stress-management and life direction considerations when treating you. We also use evidence based supplementation to speed up the correction of your issues and always work toward empowering you to take control of your health.


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‘I’ve been seeing Rob for 20 years or so and have always benefited from his skill and passion. Rob has encouraged me to have faith in myself. I have had some serious health issues and, after I had major surgery, I headed straight to Rob. With his encouragement, I embarked on a challenging journey of adjusting my diet which has been a life changer for me! It’s great that when I ask Rob when I need to see him next he responds with “when you feel you need to”; no unnecessary long series of appointments to be booked ahead. I just love it that Rob is proactive and now has an Annual Health Audit system in place! I cannot recommend Rob highly enough.’

– Ros

‘Claire totally exceeded my expectations about what a naturopath can provide. Although I started with high health literacy already, Claire has offered invaluable nutritional education, premium quality supplementation, suggestions for diversification of movement/exercise (not just yoga!) and emotional support for coping with long standing health issues.

My adrenal glands and urinary tract especially love Claire!

The vitality that this world can sap from us, I’ve been able to restore over the last 12 months. And I couldn’t have done it without Claire, she’s been a big player in my A team, and my latest and greatest evolution.

I especially recommend Claire to vegan friends who are worried about seeing a naturopath that might tell them they’re killing themself (we’ve all been there). Claire appreciates and respects the ethics and incredible (dare we say, superior) nutritional value of a diverse plant-based/vegan diet.

Thanks again Claire!’

– Meg

‘I am so incredibly grateful for Sarah, Rose and the amazing team at Claridge Naturopathics.

Like so many other parents, recently I have felt helpless and defeated due to both of my children constantly being unwell.

After being recommended and seeing Sarah, my children were prescribed some natural and homeopathic remedies.

Having those remedies provided me with a light at the end of the perpetual illness tunnel and honestly saved my sanity!

Within 24 hours of my children taking these remedies I noticed an improvement and finally after what felt like an eternity of looking pale and lethargic both are on their way to being their usual bubbly selves.

As you well know, as a parent this is the best news ever.

After what feels like months, I finally feel confident (and not guilty!) in sending my children back to school and kinder.

Sarah has such a nurturing and gentle approach, and she is a complete natural at what she does.

I cannot recommend Sarah more highly.’

- Jess

‘Matt and I have been working together now for the past two months. I have been training to complete a marathon and work in construction, so I place a large emphasis on keeping my body in the right shape so I am able to continue doing the things I enjoy. I had not trained at this intensity for a few years and I was beginning to feel a few aches and pains as well as feeling a little depleted during my training runs.

We were able to resolve the niggling injuries that I felt were holding me back and address the muscle fatigue that I was experiencing. I began to feel like I was running over the ground again and my strength and conditioning sessions I felt like I was squatting deeper and getting more from my sessions. Matt has helped to improve my mobility and I’m really feeling the benefits.’


– Natta

‘For 16+ years, Rob has cared for our family, through traumatic health issues as well as improving our general health and wellbeing. Rob is a health professional who is continually learning and sharing his knowledge so that we can all strive to reach optimal health. His sincerity, honesty and attention to detail inspire confidence and I think that the wonderful team that has built up around him is proof of this.’

– Wendy

‘I was not prepared for Menopause. I wasn’t prepared for the lack of sleep, the hot flushes, the mood swings and the weight gain. Claire gave me some answers and treated my symptoms with care and wisdom. I feel empowered, healthy and excited for my next chapter.’

– Annie

‘Our whole family sees Sarah for any health concerns that we have.  She not only listens but also gives us separate strategies for each child and each age.  Couldn’t cope without her wisdom.’

– Jade

‘Rob has looked after my health, and that of my family members and friends, for over 25 years. The depth of knowledge Rob has across all issues from a simple head cold, to issues affecting the disabled, never ceases to amaze me, and I ALWAYS walk away from an appointment confident that I have a path back to optimal health.’

– Mark

‘It’s been just over a month since I’ve given up dairy and gluten to try and sort out my digestive/gut issues and wow what a difference!

I’m feeling the best I have in years…

I am excited to see what other positive changes happen as I continue to work with my naturopath for a few other things.

If you’ve been thinking about seeing a naturopath about something in particular, don’t keep putting it off like I did!’

– Chelsea

‘My son was constantly at the Dr’s and we weren’t getting the answers of why he kept getting every cold, every sniffle.  He was worn out and sick of being sick.  As a last resort, we saw Sarah. We now have a very energetic and healthy young man.  Thank you so much.’

– Gemma

‘When I first met Claire I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I had no energy throughout the day. Now I’m up walking every day, my energy is stable and I feel like a new woman. Thank you Claire.’

– Susan

‘Anxiety had made my life almost unbearable. Claire gave me directions, strategies and taught me how to cope. I can’t thank you enough.’

– Laura



Sleep is one of the most important functions we perform each day. Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep is thought to disrupt the circadian rhythms of the body. These rhythms provide physical, mental and behavioural changes over a 24-hour period. Our daily exposure to light and dark are crucial for regulation. However, stress, exercise and diet can also play a role in either regulating or disrupting our rhythms.Continue Reading


Did you know that fatigue is the most common unexplained complaint presented to GPs? The reason the cause of fatigue is often poorly diagnosed is because it originates from multiple areas. Some of these include: nutrient deficiencies, chronic stress, poor sleep quality, infections, immune exhaustion, inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, thyroid, inadequate physical activity, over-exercising, lifestyle factors, drug and alcohol use, and medication. Continue Reading


Most of us would agree that the advancement of technology has brought about numerous benefits and efficiencies. However, it’s important for us to disconnect from it when we can. Here’s a few reasons why:Continue Reading

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