Claridge Naturopathics is, first and foremost, a Clinic dedicated to helping people.

We understand how confusing healthcare can be and we always endeavour to give educational, life-changing and transparent care that will create a clear path to health for every one of our clients.

With a focus on community, we hope to change the way Australians think about their health. We want everyone to be aware of how their choices may be helping or hindering their health journey. We want them to realise that they have the ultimate power to control how they feel.

Claridge Naturopathics was founded by Robert Claridge in 1983. Nine years later he married Rose, our Manager, who was a Child Psychologist at the time. She later joined the clinic, providing organisation and human relations expertise, which saw its trajectory soar.

We have grown so much since our humble beginnings and we are now home to a Naturopathic team of Robert Claridge, Claire Hosking, Sarah Harris and Matthew Burrell. While all our practitioners have earned tertiary qualifications, they have not stopped there, and are driven to educate themselves further every single day.

Beyond their busy work hours, our practitioners participate in internal and external education and training programs; in their commitment to be the best Holistic Health professionals that they can be.

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One thing is for sure, when you visit Claridge Naturopathics you’ll instantly see that we approach health care differently than most.

We use a thorough assessment process, a logical treatment plan and endless support so that you have a clear understanding of what is causing your health issues; and the best strategies to correct them.

We moved into our purpose-built clinic in 2011 and it has allowed us to blend our historical integrity, and professional care, with innovative holistic treatments.

You can be confident in our team, as we have provided cutting edge assessment, treatment and life changing programs to the Geelong region since 1983.

Most importantly, we understand that your health is unique, and therefore requires a custom approach. In our Clinic, we promise you will be listened to, supported, educated and motivated toward your health goals.

Monday 9am to 5pm
Tuesday 9am to 5pm
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Saturday 8am to 12pm (By appointment only)
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