The aim of our Clinic is to help our clients to be as happy and healthy as they can be.

One key element of this is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Despite this, very few people make the effort to put things in place before the problem arises. However, if people are not aware of the power of prevention, or are unsure as to how to go about it, then that is another matter. The more we pondered this, the more it was clear was that our mission was primarily about awareness and habit change.

We needed a concise, simple and inexpensive process that would help people improve their health direction in the areas that were specific to them. It would need to be in the form of an annual check-up that would continue to educate and motivate a person throughout their lives. Only then could someone be sure that they were always on track.

Using the habits of the long living Okinawans, Sardinians, Puerto Ricans and Loma Lindas as a guide, we developed a two-part program that helps to get you on the same path as these super healthy humans. The Health Audit will increase your awareness of your weak spots and make it possible to put ‘bullseye’ action steps in place. Our goal is to have every one of our clients complete an annual Health Audit so that they have a true insurance policy for their health. Clearly, it is better to prepare and prevent, than repair and regret!


Firstly, you will need to invest in an information gathering consultation in which you’ll complete a number of objective tests. These tests will be married with the findings from our subjective questionnaire that you’ll need to complete in advance. This initial visit will be completed one of our three Specialist Naturopaths.

Thereafter, your Specialist Naturopath will drive the second consultation of the Health Audit. After analysing your results, they will explain your areas of need and deliver three specific action steps to help you on your journey to better health. Why three? Quite simply, this has been shown to be the maximum number of issues that anyone can focus on at one time with the expectation of a successful outcome.

Keeping it simple, keeps it powerful!

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