Robert Claridge

Specialist Naturopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homoeopath, R-System Specialist

People that know me will attest to the fact that I spend enormous amounts of time researching and planning everything that I do. So, it will come as a surprise to know that my decision to become a Naturopath was both impulsive and intuitive. I started studying Naturopathy because it just felt like the right thing to do and nearly 40 years later I feel even more aligned with, and sure about, my life choice.

I guess, as someone who is always asking WHY, it’s understandable that I would seek a profession that is focused on seeking answers. Given that the cause of your health status is dependent upon YOU and YOUR LIFESTYLE CHOICES, and these are the key foci of Naturopathy, it is an obvious fit. I have spent the majority of my life refining ways to ensure that my clients understand their weak spots, know how to improve them and ultimately live to their true potential.

What helped me through my first consultation is no different than what I have relied on in my 250,000 consultations since.  I am clear that the formula to delivering successful outcomes is to be persistent, stick to my values, never compromise my integrity and, above all, practice what I preach.  I have found this paramount to helping people who are not getting benefits from orthodox strategies.

Although I welcome all patients through my doors, I have particularly focused on treating complex cases. It is, therefore, no surprise that I have specialised in treating ‘the emperor of all maladies’- Cancer. 

I have been a resident of Geelong for nearly 6 decades. I love keeping fit, travelling, hanging with my family and friends and educating myself as much as possible about health, fitness, philosophy and personal development.

I have four amazing daughters, two lively grandchildren, a beautiful wife and a majestic boxer dog called Ali.

I have been blessed to have met many amazing individuals who have taught me much more than any book could possibly hope to do. I look forward to sharing some of this wisdom with you.


  • BHSc. Naturopathy (Southern School of Natural Therapies)
  • Qualified VLA Bioimpedance Body Analysis
  • Qualified Haemaview Live Blood Screening (service not currently available)
  • Registered R.G.C.C. provider
  • Certified Fitgenes Practitioner
  • Certified IPS Health Coach
  • Registered with Nutripath and Clinical Labs for general and functional pathology


  • Fellow of ANTA
  • Member of NHAA


  • Contributed to national, state and local publications – magazine and newspaper
  • Lectured at Southern School of Natural Therapies
  • Presented at international, national and state Forums
  • Conducted numerous community lectures on various topics
  • Developed and presented a community massage course for over a decade
  • Developed and taught a unique neuromuscular protocol called the R-SYSTEM
  • Held a regular spot on Geelong’s 93.9 BayFM ‘The Waiting Room’
  • Holds positions on two National Advisory Boards to the Naturopathic profession

Insights by Robert Claridge


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