Sarah Harris

Specialist Naturopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homoeopath

With my first notable word being “baby!”, it should come as no surprise that ‘babies’ were a big focus for me. As a child, I would seek them out, to care for and connect with them, repeating ‘baby!’ everywhere I went. Unsurprisingly, after 15 years of practice, my special interest is in treating babies and beyond – through every age and stage; influencing the creation of healthy families is key to happy families.

From a career in the corporate world, I observed the complex interplay of ‘work-life-balance’, paramount when creating a family. Individuals can turn ‘upside-down’ as boundaries struggle through the ‘double shift’ as work and home life blur. Burnout is a real issues and a family’s health can lead us to question how to make it work.

Now, as a qualified and experienced naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist and homeopath, I bring this wealth of knowledge to complementary health practice. Ensuring I am following the newest research and treatment techniques is one of my biggest priorities. I am committed to providing the best care I can through the combination of evidence-based naturopathic medicine combined with traditional knowledge.

In conjunction with being a proud mother of three, I comfortably and confidently specialise in treating children – advising parents about their children’s health – and with families, working with individuals to achieve optimal health and maintain wellbeing. The nature of such practice encompasses general practice for all ages – hormone balancing, allergies, food sensitivities, digestion, skin, blood sugar regulation and energy or focus issues; the list goes on. General acute and chronic health complaints that naturopathy works so well with, creating optimal health for you and your loved ones.

I believe in providing practical knowledge, integrating dietary and lifestyle advice with naturopathic medicine to create an individualised step-by-step program that allows you to feel empowered to achieve your desired health outcomes.

I believe in treating the whole patient and am able to prescribe Naturopathic remedies alongside nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. I believe there is no ‘one road to success’ and happily work with you to find a treatment option that suits you. This means I am also happy to work in conjunction with your other treatments and healthcare practitioners. I help to ensure a collaborative approach to supporting your health goals.

My inspiration and satisfaction in naturopathic practice comes from supporting a family’s potential to thrive. It’s the little wins in health that form the basis of lifetime choices! Taking an approach to life that is based on prevention of illness first, or treatment when needed; using foods, natural medicines and healthy lifestyle choices that allow us to be the best we can be. To understand our individual constitution allows us to build a jigsaw- piece by piece; as the baby is able to thrive by feeding and settling with ease, a child is more able to play and dream as their immunity is strengthened, a teenager is energised by a balanced physical and mental state – these are the small wins that connect people and make family life joyful.


  • BHSc. Naturopathy (Southern School of Natural Therapies)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (Southern School of Natural Therapies)
  • Certificate of Natural Fertility Management (NFM), Kerry Hampton, Wise Women’s Business
  • Registered with Nutripath and Clinical Labs for general and functional pathology


  • Member of ANTA
  • Member of NHAA


  • Practiced at a leading Natural Medicine fertility clinic in Melbourne in the treatment of fertility, pregnancy and family health
  • Contributed to the book ‘Create a Fertile Life’ – an evidence-based, clinically-proven guide to preconception health
  • Conducted numerous community lectures on various topics, including fertility and family health

Insights by Sarah Harris


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