This One Is For All The Mums

Okay Mumma Bears, you’ve all seen the movie and heard the song. It’s time now for you all to “Let It Go”. Take a moment to reassure yourself that everything truly is ok. Be kind to yourself with your self-talk. And lower those expectations too.

“Let It Go…..Let It Go…”

Let go of the pressure you place on yourself to perfect ‘home schooling’. It’s a fact that out kids are different at home compared to their classroom. Its also a fact that you are doing the best you can in this situation. Some days will be better than others, it is what it is and our children are very resilient and will survive this.

Let go of trying to be all things to all people. It’s ok that you are not a teacher. Its ok that you can’t be there for your friends as you usually would. It’s ok that keeping the house clean is hard whilst everyone is at home.

Let go of the fact that although you are isolated and at home you haven’t mastered any of those hobbies or tasks on your to-do list like you thought you would.

Let go of the guilt of not exercising like you had planned regardless of the abundance of online/streamed classes making it easy and convenient to do at home. It’s ok that you haven’t had the time or enthusiasm.

Let go of all the things you would have been doing if you weren’t currently in isolation. Those celebrations, sports events, holidays and the like will all return to your life I promise.

Let go of ‘doom scrolling’ and immersing yourself in constant crisis reports and media coverage. Set some limits around news and social media, and stay up to date but away from hype, and sensational reporting

Let go of anything else that your “monkey mind’ is telling you should, would or could have been done by now.

Your mental health is as important as your physical health, so please take care of yourself. Time to ditch the kids song and consider something more refined, mature and insightful.

Perhaps we should all be taking a leaf out of the Beatles song instead, and “Let It Be”.