By Matthew Burrell

Did you know that fatigue is the most common unexplained complaint presented to GPs?

Reflecting on the busy nature of our lives and the difficulties we face in switching off, it’s no wonder we’re exhausted. We’re contactable 24/7, working longer hours and spending too much time scrolling or in front of screens. Social and family pressures feel like they’re increasing, resulting in us sharing more of our energy with loved ones.

The reason the cause of fatigue is often poorly diagnosed is because it originates from multiple areas. Some of these include: nutrient deficiencies, chronic stress, poor sleep quality, infections, immune exhaustion, inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, thyroid, inadequate physical activity, over-exercising, lifestyle factors, drug and alcohol use, and medication. 

Art by @gorkiegork

Whilst we all know that tired feels like, some of the ways fatigue can present include: 

  • Symptoms including consistent aches, pains, and feelings of tiredness (despite adequate sleep). 
  • Susceptibility to frequent illnesses, due to a weakened immune system. 
  • Cognitive impairment, including difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, and reduced mental claity. 
  • Irritability, feeling overwhelmed, and diminished capacity to handle stress. 

Lifestyle coaching and Naturopathic support can help to address fatigue and low energy. This may involve: 

  •   Dietary strategies 
  •   Exercise directives 
  •   Stress management techniques 
  •   Nutritional supplementation 
  •   Herbal prescriptions

If you’re tired of feeling tired, consider how Naturopathy could help you. 

I love helping people understand what’s underpinning their fatigue and developing individual strategies to improve their energy and endurance. If you would like to learn more, give us a call on 03 5221 8220.