Amazing Avo

Did you know that the avocado’s fertility cycle mimics that of a woman’s?

It takes exactly nine months for an avocado to blossom into a ripened fruit – the same time it takes us to nourish and grow a baby!

If you use a little imagination, you can see that the beautiful big seed inside the uniquely womb-shaped fruit resembles a baby inside a mother’s womb. So it’s no surprise that these beauties are incredibly good for fertility!

The Aztecs have always viewed avocados as one of the ultimate ‘fertility wonder foods’! Those Aztecs sure knew their stuff!

Avo’s are incredibly high in folate, which we know is incredibly important to fertility.

The high vitamin E levels in avocados are also thought to help improve sperm health by reducing inflammation and helping to prevent those little swimmers from clumping or sticking together!

They are also loaded in good fats, which are essential for ovarian health, hormonal balancing and optimal fertility.

Oh, and the fact that they are SO delicious is just an added bonus!