You Deserve the Choice

By Robert Claridge

Hello again!

Just like that, half the year has gone and what a year it has been in this neck of the woods. We’ve welcomed new Naturopath Ellie, new reception team members, launched the Health Audit (our Preventative Habit Program), continued to attend National and International conferences and presented two Community Education Nights as a part of our ‘A Life Well Lived’ series. 

On that note, our third presentation is called ‘The Lively Years’ and Ellie Fisher will be at the helm. With conception, childhood and adolescence already covered, this lecture will look at adulthood and how to best deal with its many trials and tribulations. 

Filled with the latest scientific evidence, it will provide you with information and strategies that you can implement right now! The truth about your health is that it is dependent on your health education. The more you understand health, and apply this knowledge, the healthier you will be. 

These lectures are a part of our commitment to expanding our influence beyond the consulting room. We want to see as many ‘wise sages’ influencing others as possible. 

For those of you who may not know ‘Our Mission’, it is: To change the focus of the Health System from reactive to proactive, through inspiring education, amazing outcomes and overwhelming public support!

We are committed to our mission, despite the challenges that we face. While I personally try not to lament on these challenges, I do feel the need to discuss some recent negative developments regarding your health rights – the proposed deregistration of Naturopaths from Private Health Insurance. 

Our profession focusses on preventative, rather than reactive, healthcare strategies; supports over 28,000 small businesses; employs over 36,800; and, makes up of only 1% of benefits paid by Private Health funds. 

Despite all this, our deletion from Private Health cover is considered a triumphant and strategic move in Government health policy (on both sides of politics!). Not being able to claim in Private Health Insurance will not stop us from being able to treat you; however, it does potentially instil doubt in the public psyche. The burgeoning scientific studies that continue to prove our strategies may now be diluted in importance. The consideration of getting a second opinion from a Naturopath may now not be considered. 

The obvious financial challenges of the 21st century may just be too much to overcome when it comes to choosing between a subsidized doctor and a non-subsidized Naturopath. 

At all times in history, the popular belief has always been the truth of the day! Remember when the world was thought to be flat? When those who said it was round were ridiculed? Well, the popular belief the Medicine owns the health space, and that Natural Medicine is an inferior option, is given credence by this proposed Government ruling. Most people don’t have the time or intent to look into the details, so, if it makes the headlines it must be true. 

Pushing Natural Medicine underground does nothing to help its profile. Specifically, it allows unqualified charlatans the freedom to prosper; without the ‘checks and measures’ that are required by Private Health Insurance providers. 

A part of you might be asking yourself, ‘okay, but how does this relate to Ellie’s talk?’ The answer is simple, just as Ellie’s talk will be our way of presenting important information you DESERVE to know about your health, I too am taking a moment to educate you about your healthcare.

I apologize if I’m banging on a bit, but, if you feel some of my passion for free choice and the promotion of Natural Medicine, follow this link: It provides direction on how you might be able to ensure your voice is heard. 


Robert Claridge

Specialist Naturopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homoeopath, R-System Specialist

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