Talk to Us: Natural Harry

We recently spoke with Harriet Birrell, the Founder and Author of the Natural Harry, about her approach to a balanced life and diet. Natural Harry is a pioneer in the Geelong region for making raw eating achievable and enjoyable.

Here’s what she had to say:

Your new book WHOLE is packed with some amazing recipes. What would you recommend for a summer BBQ?

I don’t think you can go wrong with hearty salads. One of my favourite things to enjoy and contribute to a barbeque is a massive salad full of tasty toasted nuts, avocado, coconut aminos, loads of herbs and greens. It is cold, so perfect for warmer weather, yet satisfying. I also think you cannot go wrong with eggplant, large mushrooms and veggie burgers cooked on the barbie. Delish!

You’ve said before that your role as Natural Harry is as a cook, a courier, a book keeper and so much more. What does an average day for Natural Harry look like?

I can safely say that no two days have ever been the same. Currently, it is a whole lot of book deliveries and packing orders! I usually begin with emails and finish with a quick walk to the beach after a busy day. But an average day always begins at home, when Frase (my partner) leaves for work I usually plan the day and make a good list of what needs to be done. Swimming and yoga is always on that list too!

You like to keep your ingredients list basic in WHOLE; what’s your favourite ingredient to use and why?

I LOVE coconut aminos. I think it enhances the flavour of so many dishes, it is fermented, low in sugar and natural. It is so versatile as a condiment and in cooking! As far as staples go… oats, brown rice, miso, nutritional yeast, sweet potato and chickpeas are all faves of mine too!

Many have said that your recipes were what inspired them to either adopt or investigate raw eating. Who inspires you?

Oh that is so amazing to hear! Well, to tell you the truth…SO many people inspire me! On a foodie level, mostly the challenge of re-creating traditional dishes and using what’s in the fridge in a creative way. On a personal level…my naturopath Lindsay Ingleton N.D., friends and family and the wider community. Especially people who tell me they eat more veggies because of the books. That is the most inspirational thing I could ever hear!

Thank you so much Harriet for taking the time to talk with us, you have such a bright and beautiful perspective on eating and living – it inspires us!

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