Robert Claridge N.D. Claire Hosking N.D. Sarah Harris N.D.

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Now, more than ever, we are aware of the importance of a healthy immune systems when it comes to infection and disease. We have learnt that there are various forms of prevention available to us and we are also more mindful of the signs that our body exhibits when it is fighting illness.

Wearing masks, keeping our distance from others, staying in well ventilated areas and respectfully staying home when sick are all ways we can prevent illness and reduce its further spread. However, there are additional actions we may take throughout the immune response to prevent, treat, and recover from illness.


Generally, we prevent illness by building a solid foundation, which includes: eating seasonal and colourful produce, maintaining fitness, managing stress, ensuring your rest is recuperative, and connecting with nature and others.

Specifically, when trying to evade a virus, it is vital to support your mucus membranes and prime your immune system.


Common viral symptoms include: fever, cough, fatigue, upper respiratory tract issues and headache. However, a very small minority will succumb to more serious symptoms such as: difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, loss of speech or mobility, confusion, and chest pain. If this is the case, please seek immediate medical attention.

If you are suffering from common viral symptoms at home, we believe there are three key treatment considerations:

1. Providing anti-inflammatory support

The immune system has two clear roles: to deal with damage and to address danger. The central response to this provocation is inflammation. Although inflammation plays an important role in both defence and healing, too much of it can generate problems. There are many natural strategies that can help the body mediate inflammation at a level that is both safe and effective. A patient specific treatment protocol which considers both health context and signs/symptoms is what is required to provide the most effective anti-inflammatory support.

2. Addressing cellular fatigue

When it comes to cellular fatigue the first thing to consider are electrolytes. Our electrolyte status is crucial in reducing the severity of symptoms when dealing with a viral infection. Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals and compounds that help our body with its workload. Their loss, when we are unwell, may lead to a slowing down of the recovery process. There are several contributing factors to lowered electrolytes when we are unwell. These include: high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. Early signs of electrolyte depletion include: weakness, thirst, and fatigue. More severe signs might include: confusion, light headedness, dizziness, and a rapid heartbeat. It is therefore essential that we maintain their intake during illness.

3. Delivering Anti-Viral Immune assistance.

Our primary protective interaction with any virus is via our immune system, so it makes common sense that our immune barriers need to be optimal during these times. Having a strong and healthy immune system may prevent an increased viral load and therefore reduce the severity of symptoms. The current medical treatments target inflammatory factors and secondary bacterial infection. We believe that enhancing the immune system in its anti-viral process is also a key player in addressing viruses. This involves the enhancement of both the innate and adaptive immune systems in a patient specific sense using appropriate and proven natural strategies.


Unfortunately, some are left with a painful legacy from their viral invasion. This is primarily seen in symptoms such as: fatigue, weakness, inflammation, and poor stress coping. This presentation results from cellular depletion, adrenal overload, immune compromise, and ineffectual healing. Thankfully, through bespoke and effectively targeted treatment tactics, these lingering symptoms can be resolved. One may think of the immune response as a cycle and recognise that the same strategies which build our immune system may also help to heal it.

Please know, that we are here to support you wherever you are in the immune cycle. To make things easier, we have each added extra phone consultations per day which may assist you with prevention, treatment, and recovery.

We hope you are keeping safe and well in this New Year.

With care,

Rob, Claire and Sarah