By Claire Hosking

Claire Hosking  N.D. 

Specialist Naturopath – Holistic Nutritionist – Herbalist 

Did you know that your period is supposed to turn up and that’s it? 

No event, no drama.  

Your period shouldn’t have you experiencing pain. Just because it happens to all of your friends makes it common, but unfortunately does not make it the norm. 

A minor bearing down pain is normal, but if it has you reaching for pain killers every month and interferes with your daily activities (like going to work) it could be time to explore this further with your health practitioner. 

The cause of your pain needs to be explored and resolved.  

Some conditions that may contribute to painful periods are endometriosis, fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease. 

If you had any concerns we are always here to help. 

As part of our assessment we would look holistically to see if there are nutritional deficiencies, hormone in balance, detoxification pathways and inflammation in the body. 


  1. Increase your fibre intake – Making sure we have regular bowel motions can be step one in detoxification.  Why is this important?  We want to make sure we are removing excess hormones (oestrogen in particular) from the body correctly.  The bowels are the final process of detoxification and can easily influenced by dietary fibre.  Examples of fibre include ground flaxseeds, psyllium and chia seeds. 
  2. Increase your vegetable intake – Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body. Particularly broccoli and brussel sprouts, as studies show that these vegetables help and support detoxification. 
  3. Increase your good fats– It is important to ensure you are getting the right fats to support inflammation process in the body.  Examples of good fats include nuts and seeds, avocado, cold pressed oils and deep-sea fish. 

As always, please check in your with health care professional to find what is appropriate for you.  

I would love to discuss any further questions that you may have.

In health and happiness,


Claire Hosking

Specialist Naturopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist

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