Marnie Macklin

Naturopathy was a ‘natural’ progression for me as I have always been fascinated by the human body and its ability to grow and adapt through the many stages of life. Inquisitive by nature, I decided to delve deeper, to understand how dietary, lifestyle and environmental choices could ultimately shape the future of one’s health. I soon began to realise just how important it was to have a holistic approach to healthcare and how many lives could benefit from the answers Naturopathy so beautifully provides.

Born and bred on a sheep and cropping farm in the Murray Mallee, South Australia, my family depended on nature’s resources for our livelihood. It was there that I developed a strong bond and deep connection with the natural world. I then moved to Geelong 15 years ago for study. I immediately fell for this friendly little community, and didn’t want to leave! I met my fiancé, a local triathlete, and we now reside in Ocean Grove. When I’m not in clinic, you can find me barefoot on the beach or pottering around my garden – in the fresh air and sunshine wherever possible!

I love the connection I have with my clients. We learn from one another and work together as a team to uncover their true health potential. I am grateful to be part of their journey, and to have the privilege to shape the trajectory of their health for years to come.


  •  BHSc. Naturopathy (Endeavour College of Natural Health)
  • Dip. Life Coaching (Real Education)
  • Registered with Nutripath and Clinical Labs for general and functional pathology


  •   Member of NHAA

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