Please Introduce Yourself

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Is where you spend most of your time well ventilated?
Do you get 2 hours of natural light per day?
Do you get outside in Fresh Air for at least an hour per day?
Are you exposed to nature (eg trees, gardens, beach, bushland etc) for 4 hours or more per week?
Do you work in air conditioning?
Are you regularly exposed to air pollution?
Do you smoke?
Do you work with or are you exposed to electromagnetic stress for more than 2 hours per day
(eg computer, mobile phone, microwave, television, electric blanket)?


Do you feel you can control the direction of your life?
Do you laugh daily?
Do you challenge your mind regularly? (eg crosswords, mental challenges, ongoing study, stimulating reading, etc)?
Are you aware of your learning strategies (eg. Visual Auditory Kinesthetic)?
Do you feel you are optimistic?
Is your memory failing you?
Do you watch television for over two hours per day?
Are you easily distracted by worrying thoughts?
Do you find it hard to concentrate?
Do you feel you are unlucky?


Do you have two or more pieces of fresh fruit per day?
Do you have fresh vegetables/salad at two meals per day?
Do you drink six glasses or more of water per day?
Do you have breakfast daily?
Do your main meals contain good quality protein, carbohydrate and fat ?
Do you take nutritional supplements?
Do you eat nuts/seeds daily?
Do you or your partner take time to plan and actually prepare your meals?
Do you rush your meals?
Do you skip meals?
Do you eat your evening meal after 8 p.m.?
Do you drink more than 2 cups/glasses of either coffee, soft drink or alcohol per day?
Do you eat processed/packaged/take-away foods at one or more meals per day?
Do you leave gaps of greater than 3 hours between eating/snacking?
Does your diet include refined carbohydrates (eg White bread, pasta etc...)?
Do you regularly consume foods high in saturated fat? (Processed meats, full cream dairy products & deep fried foods)


Do you get/give a hug each day?
Are you clear on what you want out of your life?
Do you find your life stimulating?
Do you set regular goals and pursue them?
Do you keep a diary? (A priority management version is applicable.)
Are your friends, family and work relationships happy?
Do you have an enjoyable hobby?
Do you feel valued?
Do you find it hard to forgive or say sorry?
Do you regularly feel lonely?
Do you feel others frequently fail to understand you?
Do you regularly feel unhappy?
Do you feel your life lacks creative expression?
Do you regularly feel overwhelmed?
Do you find it hard to say no?
Do you tend to procrastinate?


Do you exercise, to a point of huff, puff & sweat, for at least half an hour every second day?
Do you have 10 minutes or more of quiet time per day?
Do you get 6-8 hours of quality sleep per night?
Do you wake refreshed from sleep?
Do you have a strength training/gym program?
Do you have recovery sessions in your training program?
Do you have some form of stretching as a part of your exercise program?
Do you feel your muscular strength is deteriorating?
Do you have difficulty getting off to, or staying asleep?
Do you have poor joint flexibility?
Do you have trouble relaxing?
Do you spend your day predominantly sitting?
Do you feel your endurance is deteriorating?
Do you easily become angry and annoyed?