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Using the best therapies to improve you and your situation

Our Naturopaths practice a range of therapies, which have traditionally been used to treat a wide range of both acute and chronic disorders and ultimately promote your health. 
These therapies include:

i) Herbal Medicine
Herbs may be offered as teas, tablets or liquid form extracts.  Historically, herbs have provided the initial inspiration to many of today's pharmaceutical drugs, but unlike their modern alternatives, they act in a milder fashion and are less prone to cause side effects.

ii) Homeopathy
These remedies are administered in minute doses.  Many different substances are used encompassing animal, vegetable or mineral.  The intent in all cases is to stimulate the body towards healing itself.

iii) Nutrition
The Naturopathic approach to a healthy diet combines ideas from various parts of the world where long life and exceptional good health are hallmarks of the culture.  The use of vitamins and minerals is based on the very latest research into their therapeutic benefits.

iv) Physical Therapies
These therapies are based on the idea that correct structural balance allows proper function.  They include massage, shiatsu, acupressure, Bowen technique, manipulation, R-System and other similar treatments.

v) Advanced Technologies
In particular Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSMT), which utilizes the knowledge that "tissue specific" electromagnetic energy can be used to accelerate the healing and function of such tissue.

It is exciting to observe the ever increasing scientific evidence now emerging to support the above therapies.  Although they have stood the test of time, many natural therapies have been ridiculed because their mechanism of action was not fully understood.  Scientific qualification has now seen many move from quackery to medical protocol.  It seems a shame that science can sometimes be judgmental with respect to natural therapies without having truly tested their efficacy.

Claridge Naturopathics provides professional naturopathic, herbal, homeopathic, nutritional and remedial massage services to the Geelong region.   We are situated at 114 West Fyans St  Newtown  Victoria..Australia  3220. 
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