Step Three – Measuring, Monitoring and Managing

Helping you to reach your health potential.

Every time we meet you’ll be given homework to educate you, motivate you and ensure the ongoing restoration of your health.  Therefore, at each visit you’ll be assessed for the success of your efforts.  It may be noting the elimination of signs and symptoms from your initial assessment list or the measurement of health markers such as body fat % or blood pressure.  Whatever the marker, the goal will always be to improve your scoreboard!

This part of your care is undoubtedly the most exciting for both of us.  To share the joy of your success and to finally meet the real “healthy” YOU is a highly motivating experience.  It also shows you that your health potential may be well above the levels that you first thought possible.  We are committed to helping you reach your highest heights. The question is are you?
  Claridhe Naturopaths, Measuring and Monitoring Step Process