Step Two – Your Renovation Plan

Things go according to plan when you have a plan

Once we’ve gathered a list of all the weak spots in your psycho-physiology (YOU) and the errors in your lifestyle (WHAT YOU DO) you’ll then need to put some order in how you deal with this information.   With respect to the “YOU” part of the equation there is a distinct order of influence that you need to consider for the best results.  In the same way that you need to repair the floor before the walls before the ceiling, your health renovation needs to be tackled in a specific way.  We will coach you through this process and also show you how to make better lifestyle choices so you will be able to maintain your new health status.    

At Claridge Naturopathics our goal is to help you build momentum in your innate natural healing.  Our simple process is based on the fundamental law that working on the most influential issue tends to influence your health broadly.  Getting clarity on where your issues are truly coming from ensures maximum effect with minimal treatment.  Unlike a house renovation where every tradesman is necessary, stimulating your body’s natural healing ability will always activate it’s innate mission to create holistic health balance.  

So when you receive your Report of Findings you will have a clear understanding of what’s causing your current state of health.  You’ll clearly see the order of influence of your physiological weak spots as well as the areas in your lifestyle where you are letting yourself down.  The great news is that “things go according to plan when you have a plan!”
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