Claridge Naturopathics - Our Services

Claridge Naturopathics offers an ever increasing variety of services in both the areas of Naturopathy and Advanced Musculoskelatal Therapy.  Within each of these key foci we offer the following four levels of care...

  1. Relief Care
    Providing the relief of acute symptoms. ie. getting you out of your pain.

  2. Corrective Care
    Supplying an integrated approach to balancing all areas of concern. ie. restoring your health potential.

  3. Wellness Care
    Preventing the deviation from optimum health via ongoing education and support. ie. maintaining your health potential.

  4. Longevity Care
    Introducing protocols and strategies proven to heighten your feeling of wellness. ie. improving your health potential.

Furthermore, our passion to achieve an accurate assessment ensures that your treatment protocols will be tailored to meet your unique situation and needs. 

  Claridge Naturopathics Geelong Services