The Claridge Naturopathics Process

Our Four Step Process

Step One
Understanding Your Needs.
Our first step is to increase your level of awareness with respect to YOU and what YOU do.  We use both inexpensive subjective questionnaires, as well as functional objective tests as we have found that the combination of your opinion and our findings gives us both the best understanding of the fabric of “you and what you do”.

Step Two
Implementing your Renovation Plan.
Our second step is to prioritize our findings so that you have a clear treatment plan that is specific to YOU.

Step Three
Measuring, Monitoring and Managing your health.
Our third step is to measure and monitor your progress.  This allows for “tweaking” and recalibration of your treatment.  The best thing about your body is that it is self- healing!  So once you have given it some momentum, by either removing obstacles and fortifying areas of need, it tends look after itself.

Step Four
Celebrating your success!
Finally, we know that long term health improvements don’t come from a quick fix.  Reflecting on your journey, celebrating your successes and preparing for new goals ensures that you’ll continue to keep focused in the game of great health.  The fact that at every consultation we are committed to educate, motivate and direct you toward your health potential means that you will now look at your life differently.  Your acquired knowledge and healthy habits will empower you!