Getting a Scoreboard on your Health - Wholistic Objective Tests

Imagine going to the football and the scoreboard wasn't working.  You'd soon lose interest!  The same applies with your health.  If you don't measure your progress you may give up well before you need to.  The fact of the matter is that you can't improve what you can't measure.

Therefore, we have the ability to measure your health from the most superficial to the deepest level.  The following tests provide a brief summary of what we can offer you.

Inhouse Objective Test  (Performed within our clinic)


  • Bioimpedence Analysis:
    Which measures muscle mass, body fat, nutritional status, toxicity and much more.

  • Urine Analysis:
    A comprehensive analysis of your urine for the presence of acid/alkaline balance, infection, kidney health, blood sugar status and much more.

  • Clinical Testing:
    Incorporating blood pressure, pulse pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, peakflow to name a few.

  • Physiognomy:
    Utilizing areas of your body as wholistic, directive health status maps. This incorporates Iridology, sclerology, tongue and nail analysis.

External Objective Tests (Performed at independent labs)

  • Genetic Testing:
    Utilizing market leading testing group FITGENES to discover the foundation that ultimately directs your responses to the world.

  • Functional Pathology Testing:
    Incorporating hair tissue mineral analysis, salivary hormone testing, intestinal permeability testing, allergy and intolerance testing, adrenal function testing, Nutritional profile, antioxidant status, osteoporosis risk profile, gastrointestinal function (stool testing), Functional Liver Detoxification Profile, Environmental Toxin Exposure - solvents, pesticides and heavy metals, comprehensive thyroid hormone profile etc.....

  • General Pathology Testing: -
    We can request every pathology test that your doctor chooses to perform on you. The only issue here is that the government will only subsidize these tests if they are referred by a GP. However, sometimes asking your GP for a retest to confirm your naturopathic treatment progress can be met with friction. Therefore, we can leapfog this obstacle by requesting the test, albeit, at your cost.

The Ultimate Goal of Our Wholistic Objective Tests is to Measure the Following:

  • Body Composition - Glycation:
    This relates to your muscle:fat ratios.  The single most influential factor to your health.
  • Detoxification - Methylation:
    This relates to the level of waste products that have accumulated in your body.  These literally put a "hand-brake" on your health potential.
  • Energy - Oxidation:
    This relates to both the effective function of all your cells, tissues and organs , as well as your ability to make it consistently through your day.
  • Pain Management - Inflammation:
    This relates to the degree of tissue breakdown in your body.  Remember inflammation is a part of the healing process the more damage the more inflammation.
  • Defence - Immune Health:
    This relates to your body's ability to protect and therefore maintain a stable environment for the correction of other issues.
  • Fuel Status - Nutritional Reserves:
    This relates to the "petrol in your tank".  Obviously if you are low in nutrients your body will be slower to respond than if you are at acceptable levels.

The reality is that the four main pathways of disease are Glycation, Methylation, Oxidation & Inflammation.  That is, every disease known to man originates from these.  Therefore, knowing how far you have progressed down each pathway gives you powerful understanding of where your current level of health is at.  

As well as the wholistic objective testing, we also have the discretionary ability to measure both the health and disease of specific areas of your body.  Whether it be your gastrointestinal tract or your adrenal glands there are specific markers that can be used to measure your progress.
  Objective Naturopathic Testing, Calridgge Naturopathics Geelong

Subjective Testing