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October 3, 2012
The Paleo Diet


Author: Robert Claridge

The Paleo Diet

Hi everyone,

Over the last twelve months I've been more and more impressed by the impact of the Paleo Diet on Autoimmune disease. (eg. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis etc... ).

So what you may ask is the Paleo diet and how does it work?

In short the Paleo Diet is grounded on the fact that our current gene profile has changed little since Paleolithic times and therefore, should contain those ingredients consumed by the Paleolithic man, who was a hunter and gatherer. It emphasizes free range game, seasonal organic fruit and vegetables and wild nuts and seeds as its core staples and avoids dairy, grains and legumes. Avoiding the latter can be challenging given that they are emphasized so much in our standard western diet, however, given that these ingredients sit at the top of the food intolerance list, it's not surprising that on this issue alone you're going to feel better.

With respect to autoimmunity, the main issue is inflammation, and the Paleo Diet definitely reduces inflammation! Furthermore, it's a well known fact that Coeliacs, (suffering from gluten intolerance), have a much greater incidence of autoimmunity than the general population. In other words, there is a strong link between gastrointestinal irritation and autoimmunity.

It is interesting that the main comment that patients make when they are on the Paleo Diet is that that they no longer feel bloated and are more settled in their abdomen. As soon as their gastrointestinal symptoms calm their autoimmune symptoms settle.

The Paleo Diet provides no risk to your nutritional intake. It simply challenges your variety of ingredients and asks you to consider alternatives to your standard choices. So with this in mind, coupled with its amazing impact on autoimmunity I've been trialling the diet myself. My only comment to date is WOW!! As long as you're organized with the ingredients and have your day planned out in advance, it's a winner! Before starting the eating plan I gave myself a bioimpedence test and again at the four week mark. Besides the increased energy and clarity of mind, my test results showed increased muscle, decreased fat, increased cellular nutrition and decreased toxicity. That's good enough for me. I'm giving the Paleo Diet an A+!

Rob C.