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Building a mutual understanding of why you are feeling the way you feel.

The most important element in correcting a health problem is making an accurate diagnosis.  Let's face it, if you're not clear as to what's causing your problem, how can you expect to fix it.  Traditionally, diagnosis is achieved via the practitioner observing the patient and combining these findings with specific tests relating to the area affected.  This sounds very thorough, however, there are obvious holes in this approach.
Firstly, although the practitioner may be an expert on the body, the patient is an expert on their own body.  This latter expertise is too often overlooked!  It is a fact that when this subjective information is added to the mix, it can improve the precision of diagnosis immensely.

Secondly, although specific pathology tests can be accurate, they often discount the broader picture.  For instance, we've never seen a "liver" or a "kidney" walk through the door.  We see people!  People made of cells, tissue, organs and systems all working together to give a total effect.  These interrelationships should be objectively measured as a whole if the total diagnostic picture is to be obtained. Looking at your machine from a perspective of its level of health as well as its level of disease also allows for a holistic understanding of your situation.

So you can see that at Claridge Naturopathics, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the cause of your problem.  We value your expertise and thoroughly analyse the health appraisal questionnaires that we give you.

We also comprehensively assess the results of your objective tests. 

 INHOUSE TESTS such as - the Bioimpedence Analysis, (which measures muscle mass, body fat, nutritional status, toxicity and much more), Salivary and Urinary pH, Oxidative Stress analysis, Postural blood pressure, Pulse pressure and Peakflow).

EXTERNAL TESTS such as - Conventional "Disease" based tests - (Blood tests, X-Rays, Nuclear Medicine Scans etc...), Functional "Health" based tests - (Biochemical, Nutritional, Metabolic etc...) as well as Genetic Profiling. 

We have researched our strategy with three things in mind.
1. Effectiveness
The thoroughness of our strategy has been proven with tens of thousands of patients so far.

2. Simplicity
Your subjective questionnaires and objective tests are user friendly, uncomplicated and lots of fun.

3. Affordability

Your questionnaires are supplied to you for no charge and many of your tests are absorbed into the cost of your consultation.

We are confident that our strategies will give you the answers you are looking for.  This in turn will give you confidence in our treatment strategies and furthermore help to ensure that you achieve the level of health that you know you deserve.

Subjective Testing

Objective Testing

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