Claridge Naturopathics - Our History

Claridge Naturopathics was founded in 1983 at a time when natural medicine was a "new kid on the block" in the minds of most people. Click forward twenty years and it is now becoming the treatment of choice for a large percentage of the population. During this time Claridge Naturopathics has grown from being a single operator clinic to a multi modality/multi practitioner clinic. We use both subjective and objective methods to gather a clear picture of what's ultimately causing your complaint(s). We are also constantly updating our diagnostic and treatment systems so that they take into account the many new and exciting breakthroughs in our rapidly advancing profession. Claridge Naturopathics is an innovative leader in Natural Medicine and our commitment to continued professional education will ensure that we continue to offer even better treatment outcomes in the years to come.

Our Mission Statement

"We at Claridge Naturopathics see our role in the Health Care Profession as far greater than just providing the relief of symptoms. It is our goal to make a difference to our patients' lives, and by ensuring that they receive the very best service and care, we are confident we can do so. We realize that in life that we all govern our own destinies and that sometimes this fact can be lost in the complex web that life weaves. Therefore, it is our aim to help all patients reaffirm this control, for we truly believe that being involved in such a profound life correction remains the most important factor in both our patients and our own personal growth."

Our Clinic Rules

At Claridge Naturopathics we enter into every practitioner-client relationship with integrity. That is, we will promise to provide the best level of service at all times to help you achieve your health goals. If we can help you we will, if we can't, we will tell you quickly and aim to refer you to someone who can. In exchange we simply ask that you are open, honest, involved and committed to your treatment. We also ask that you respect and treat our receptionists with courtesy. They are an integral part of our clinic and will do everything to ensure your time with us is of the highest standard.

All consultations are to be paid for at the time of treatment unless alternate arrangements have been made. An accounting fee applies to all accounts not paid for on the day.

A cancellation fee will be charged unless 24 hours notice is given.

Please be aware that we only handle certain types of insurance claims. Despite our high professional standards, it is important that you clarify with your insurer their acceptance of our treatment for reimbursement before you see us.
This clinic has a privacy policy that ensures no information concerning any patient will be disclosed without the written consent of the patient.
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